What’s Holding You Back?

I was having breakfast with a buddy of mine and the topic of him starting his own online coaching business came up.  Okay, I might have brought it up. 

My buddy, we’ll call him Dave to protect his identity, he’s real name is David.  Dave is a great salesman.  Dave has sold cars, both new and used, been an automotive service advisor.  He’s currently a realtor and making a good living at it. 

I thought Dave would do great teaching others how to sell and could turn that into an online course.  I explained how he could develop this course and keep selling real estate in the process.

Anyway, he had reservations, came up with a few excuses, all of which I shot down or explained a different way to look at it.  His main hesitation was he didn’t think he wasn’t one of the top multi-million-dollar salesman, like all the gurus you see online and on TV like Tony Robins, or Zig Ziglar.

I told him that’s just crazy talk, and further explained that while you may not be in that elite 1% group, you are miles and miles ahead of someone who is just getting into sales.  You could teach new sales people a lot about the total sales process.  How to dress the part, how to greet the customer, what to say, what not to say, how to follow up with the customer, closing the sale, phone etiquette, email etiquette, I could go on and on.

We discussed how Dave could take this training program and sign up clients at just about every car lot in the country.  How he could market his course to be the leading authority to teaching new sales people how to sell cars?  How much time and effort do you think that would save each car lot on training new sales people?  What about the increased productivity, moving cars off the lot faster, making the company even more money?  What’s the value of that training system?  I don’t, but I would love for Dave to find out. 

I think it would save them a lot of time and solve multiple problems.  The goal of any online course should be to solve a clients’ problem.

Dave’s course could also be used as follow up training or turn into an onsite event where Dave leads a presentation.  The possibilities are endless.

Do I think Dave is a top 1% seller today who can command top dollar for a course he develops?  No.  Do think Dave has a teachable skill set that others will pay for?  Yes.  Do I think one day Dave can grow his online coaching business and become one of the top 1% of coaches in his niche.  Absolutely!

The point is everyone who started an online business didn’t start it at the top of their game.  They grew their business.  They grew their audience and became a top influencer in their niche over time.  No doubt with a lot of trial and effort.

I would never push a friend, lead, or client into something they are not completely comfortable with, but you need to have some faith in your abilities and take that first step to become a true entrepreneur. 

Recently I changed the way I looked at that word entrepreneur.  I used to think it meant to be your own boss, to evaluate every opportunity and make a judgement call to invest, reinvest, or pass on that opportunity. 

Now I look at the word entrepreneur and those who call themselves an entrepreneur and I ask myself “Is this person making money while they sleep?”  If the answer is no then they are not a true entrepreneur.

I can’t wait for Dave to take that leap of faith and start his own online coaching course and start crushing it.

Stop thinking you don’t have what it takes to start teaching other, sell that idea you have, or put that new product out there.  Just go for it and see what happens.