Everyone Starts Here!


Start Here! Everyone should start here.  This course will cover how to navigate this site, find what you need...


This module is packed full of information to help you succeed faster and build your confidence.

Laying The Groundwork

Finding Your Niche

We all have a special talent, gift, or ability.  This course will help you find yours and start your...

Changing Your Mindset

Most of us will need to change our mindset to become the entrepreneur we want to be, and project...

Your Goals

Define your goals so you have a solid framework of where you want to be and how you’re going...

Create Your Name and Logo

Choosing the perfect name for your company or brand is a tough job.  It takes time and effort to...

Tell Your Story

Your job is to give your customers a story to retell to their friends about your company. If you...

Your Dream Customer

You are going to learn how to describe your dream customer.  This will help focus your marketing, help build...

Your Elevator Pitch

When your elevator pitch is done right, you can use it anywhere when asked what do you do, what...

How Much Money Do You Need

We all need money to live, this course will help you figure out how much money you need.  So...

Clicks Per Day

How much traffic do you need to make from your site to reach your goals?  This course will teach...

ROI and Client Lifetime Value

Calculate your return on investment and estimate the lifetime value of your clients.

Funnels 101

All About Funnels

Learn how to turn a prospect in to a customer, and then how to upsell that customer using funnels.

Lead Generator

Start adding people to your email list using a lead generator for your funnel and how to avoid mistakes....

Trust Builder

Build a thank you page clients land on after they opt-in from your lead generator.

Conversion Event

Convert a lead into a client and learn their buying behaviors.

Product Ladder

No company is truly successful with just one product.  This course will help you define multiple products and how...

A/B Testing

Learn how to get the best responses and opens using A/B testing.

Email List 101

Types of Traffic

Grow your email list and profit by controlling your traffic.

Your Own Email List

It is vitally important to have your own email list for a successful business. This is where the real...


What the heck is an autoreponder? This course will explain it all and walk you through setting up various...

Solo Ads

Learn the fastest way to build your list using solo ads.

Putting It To Work

Facebook Ads

Once you complete this course, you will be able to create your Facebook Ads and set them up the...

Instagram Ads

Instagram is quickly becoming the go to advertising space.  Learn how to maximize your investing dollars using this platform.

Twitter Ads

Once you complete this course, you will be able to create Twitter Ads and set them up the right...

LinkedIn Ads

B2B – Business to Business and LinkedIn is the most powerful way to connect businesses.  This course will teach...

Your First Webinar

Create and launch your first webinar using these proven techniques.

Start Your Podcasts

Learn every stage of launching your show, from planning to publishing. Learn which platforms to use and how to...

Mastermind Members

The Perfect Webinar

Create and market the perfect webinar to attract and upsell customers.

Host a Conference

Host a conference for your members, clients, prospects.  This is a step by step course from start to finish...

Maximizing Your Email List

Create true wealth by maximizing your email list to its full potential.

Advanced Sales Tactics

Use advanced sales tactics to maximize profits.


Endow your products and services with the power of a brand.

Making Offers

Make a strategic approach to offer your best deal on an offer.  Learn how to counter an offer or...

Ad Targeting

Take your advertising to the next level and target hot leads for your products.

Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Create your own affiliate program and have other people selling your offer and making you money!

Continuing Courses

Become An Authority In Any Niche In 60 Days

This FREE course will take you from not having a website to becoming an authority in your niche in...

Facebook Basics

Learn to create basic pages, groups, and how to use Facebook to reach a larger audience.

Instragram Basics

Learn how to use Instagram to reach a larger audience.

Twitter Basics

Learn to tweet after completing this course…and find new customers.

LinkedIn Basics

Learn how to use LinkedIn to find business to business contacts to expand your brand.

Online Marketing Basics

Need to get up and running fast? Then this is the course for you.